Rev. Chad Lawson, Pastor

I’m Chad. The minister at CLPC. That means I get an assigned seat in church.  Which comes in handy. Cause it’s crowded around here at times. It also means I do things like write sermons, make coffee, visit people in hospitals, research sermons, make more coffee, attend meetings, preach sermons, drink more coffee… I do some other things, too. I’ve been an ordained minister for ages. Like 4 years. I’ve worked mainly in Texas, and mainly as a Presbyterian. I’m married to Angela and we have two small children. They make my heart smile. I’m a contemplative; I pray with my body. For relaxation I like to hike in places where there is no cell reception. I enjoy reading. I go to the gym to play basketball, race my heart, and swim. I write poetry and fly-fish. I enjoy eating: mostly Thai food and tacos. If you are looking for a spiritual community or a place to worship, or If you simply want to come and have a chat over a cup of coffee, send me an email at [email protected] or text me at (830) 743-5999

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