Canyon Lake Presbyterian Preschool

preschool childrenOur goal at the Presbyterian preschool is to provide the children of our community a nurturing environment in which they may grow academically, spiritually and socially. We believe it is a crucial part of our Christian responsibility to help care for the children of our community. There is likely no more important thing the Church can teach young children than about the love of God as it is experienced through a loving community of faith. One way to do this is by providing a safe, healthy, warm and loving preschool staffed by the most caring people possible.

Our preschool offers a variety of experiences to stimulate children’s natural ability to learn and explore the world around them. Age appropriate activities assist the development of basic skills and encourage a child’s sense of wonder.

A strong emphasis is placed on socialization skills, oral language development and motor skills. Teachers work from a thematic approach that presents new and challenging concepts to the children. The curriculum is a balance between learning centers, individual instruction, group time, and teacher directed activities. Our curriculum design recognizes that children learn best through active participation.

Each day the children will have the opportunity to learn while participating in art, music, discovery, circle time, Bible stories, creative movement, snack time, and outside play.

Young children are always learning and looking for ways to have fun. Our goal is to accomplish this in a happy and relaxed manner in a loving, nurturing Christian environment.

To register or receive further information, contact our church office.